Here are some resources I have drawn on for inspiration and information in my career as a photographer. If you are interested in photography as art, or in becoming a photographer, I hope you find these of some value.


A Camera in a Room, Abelardo Morell

No Ordinary Land, Beahan/McPhee

Ttruck Stop, Marc F. Wise

Ancient and Modern, William Eggleston

American Independents, Eighteen Color Photographers, Eauclaire

Whispering Pines, Birmy Imes

Juke Joint, Birmy Imes

Only in America: Some Unexpected Scenery, David Graham

Roy DeCarava-A Retrospective

Walker Evans, The Hungry Eye, Mora/Hill

Robert Frank: Moving Out, Frank/Greenough/Brookman/Martin Gasser

Why People Photograph: Selected Essays and Reviews, Robert Adams



Exploring Color Photography, 3rd Ed., Robert Hirsch

Color Photography: A Working Manual, Henry Horenstein

Some of these books are out of print, but if you contact or Barnes and, you might be able to get one. Click on the book title to go to Amazon.



Here are some of the toys I used to create this site and in my work.

The Epson 2450 scanner 

The Epson 2200 printer 


The Locations I've Photographed

Please support the businesses featured on this site, and please be sure to mention how you heard about them. You have been able to enjoy these photographs because the proprieters of these establishments were kind enough to let me photograph, lugging my view camera, tripod, and other equipment in the midst of where they were trying to serve their customers.

Cafe Budapest, Boston, Massachusetts

Caruso's, Melrose, Massachusetts

Captain Cass, Rock Harbor, Massachusetts

Fairmont Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

Felicia's, Boston, Massachusetts

Tecce's, Boston, Massachusetts

King Sing, Orange, Massachusetts

Kowloon, Saugus, Massachusetts

Locke-Ober, Boston, Massachusetts

Kay's Lounge, Houston, Texas

And the food is pretty good in all of these places, too.